The Waikato Rugby Centenary book

November 10, 2021
Waikato Rugby Union
This book was finally finished after a long journey, which started in 2020. The final book is a creation collation, put together by a team of editors, Evan Pegden, Winston Hooper and Geoff Miller and myself. We created this book while working through the challenges of two Covid lockdowns. This design is one that I am very proud of, with thanks to all who helped contribute to it.

In 1921 the 4th Waikato Rugby Union was formed, one hundred years later, in 2021, the 312 pages of WRU Rugby history was created.

After collating and restoring hundreds of photos, gathering interviews, research and working with sports writer Evan Pegden this book was created. Within the pages, one can find hidden gems and photos, never been seen before. I felt like Indiana Jones discovering so many old relics!

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