Herd of Cows - MIS Jubilee

October 12, 2020
Herd of Cows -Morrinsville Intermediate School 50th Jubilee
I was approached by my old stomping ground, Morrinsville Intermediate School, to design a cow that would stand proudly on site and celebrate the history of the school. I jumped at the chance to look back and give back.

Working with Principal and Deputy Principal, we came up with the concept 'The Old and the New' to celebrate their 50th Jubilee.

One side of the design represented what the school landscape looked like 50 years ago, and is in black and white. The other side is all about what the school represents today, diversity and energy, and this is depicted in colour.

To complete the artwork, Morrinsville Intermediate students were invited to add the finishing touches. 'MIS Jubilee', the Morrinsville Intermediate School Jubilee Cow, now stands proudly for all to see.

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